New & shipped direct from our warehouse. or other countries with darker shades? Lee. Very good stuff! Still they were forgiven as i got a little goody bag with a tiny tube of Firmarine in it. She said she was checking to see if I’d had a facelift! See all Erno Laszlo products on sale at Amazon for Black Friday here! And keep an eye out for anything witj Matthew MacFayden in it of course! Am in bed with my cold and my iPhone – hence can keep replying! Am still using it and it works fine but is this normal? I understand your concerns – I just had a couple of months “off” Laszlo while I worked my way through some free samples that I managed to wangle out of some very sour faced assistants in London stores. It is found in certain foods and plants. We know washing your face isn’t always top of mind—especially after a late night. Am still not sure if/how a cream rubbed into my skin is going to make any difference to the dermis or muscles beneath. Finally, lock in the effects of your ritual using Heavy Controlling Lotion. Now wheres my spagghetti? Am not sure as to the long term benefits of applying Spirulina or Algae to the skin but its obviously doing something. Thr new laser serum? Regarding the La Prairie Radiance Cream. White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel. Advertise Lancome in the 80s / 90s. He says the problem is fitting it all in to your daily routine. Well whatever it was it worked! If the brand goes to Selfridges it will be moved or dropped – I have seen this happen with many brands there. Smacks of ripping people off! You need nto leave it on for a few minutes before applying any finishing products. Great isnt it? Am sorry you are not seeing the results you hoped for with the Firmarine. Beauty Products. I prefer to try and encourage my skin to glow without glitter but each to their own. Currently I switched to Cindy Crawford’s Beautiful Difference line, but I’m noticing some sagging. All i cqan say is her “fave energiser” excerise (working the cheek & eye muscles) does make me look less tired first thing…..Will let you know if I have an epiphany with all this “ooing” and “aahing”….. Am glad your friend at Estee Lauder was impressed by the “face lift” effects of your regime! I think Neutrogena do a Copper peptide product. ( Log Out /  I too am amazed that they charge dollar for pound. For a cream to tackle it it would need to include plenty of soothing ingredients. I have been depleting my supplies of Laszlo and have a decision to make. Dr Laszlo was against any harsh abrasive treatments . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hi Peter. I also like Timeless skin as it makes my skin feel a lot smoother. Not too sure about that. Can’t handle the hangovers! My work number is 727-562-4072, cell 727-267-0553 either way, I need to talk to someone in person if possible. Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask (6 x 4.5ml) £35 Now £31.50 + Quick Shop. What do you think? Am still loving the basic Laszlo ritual but am waiting to see when they announce the UK stockist. My 13 year old daughter is even splashing! Regarding La Prairie – they do tend to have helpful assistants who sometimes can be generous with samples. Those two and a the cleansing foam would be all you need along with a night cream but in those four products alone you are already getting close to £350 outlay. (yikes). Hope your cold is long gone. It should be more like £30 in my opinion. They work like the Braun toothbrushes and apparently leave your face looking peachy as they sonically “open” the pores so that dirt can be washed away. Back to Lazslo. I think the splashing together with the Regular Normaliser are the key elements to the success of this Line. But i can fo a basic lymphatic drainage massage with the phelityl oil and apply a Laszlo mask myself all for a lot less than £150! Can a Laszlo representative tell us why? Decades later, the Laszlo name lives on in his product line. Detoxifying Double … What do you reckon to Anne’s rumoured visit? It came with a matching eye cream. Lee. They gave me a sample of the original future solution face cream ( which I think they are discontinuing) and that was lovely too. In the next generation in the 1970s, young talents in the music and sports worlds also took Dr. Laszlo’s advice and treatments. As for the Phormula 3-9 I wouldn’t use it unless you have any dry or flaky patches. Create a free website or blog at If your skin is a 1 o’clock, or slightly oily, then the product probably won’t have the desired effect. This is my 30th year of using Laszlo come October (apart from 1 short blip.). Sorry to hear you have a cold. I do understand your curiousity with other products. Don’t let Selfridges stock it – they often drop brands or move them around so you can’t find them. Am sure losing a few pounds would help as well. Their equivalent spf 30 anti ageing creme is £100. At times unable to go out emotionally scarred. Though obviously Lazslo products are of a superior quality other brands seem to get much more media attention by releasing a new “breakthrough” product every 6 months. Really smoothed out lines instantly and kept eyes moist. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Clocked in Harrods London “6 O’Clock.” 6 -8 weeks later was able to face the world without fear of sympathetic glances and or nasty remarks being made. By the late 1940s, the Erno Laszlo Institute in New York … Plus they were bit too greasy/waxy and chemical smelling to me. Please let me know. Erno Laszlo Phelityl Cleansing Gel (£32) As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. Hooray. I noticed it before the cold! I would also like to know when Laszlo will have a UK outlet as long as it isn’t Selfridges. Like a bottle of $39 controlling lotion should be around £25- £27 not £40. I hope that they make an announcement about Lazlo soon – i saw on a website that they have a lovely new Laszlo boutique in Hong Kong. Wow!!! The Origins stand alone store in Covent Garden has closed down but the Keihls one seems to be doing OK. Have a good day at the opening although I think it has already opened as per the Offical Website which says it opened at the week end last. Once I started to dig into who Erno Laszlo was, I became so fascinated about him and his story! One of the admirable things about Laszlo now is the fact that many of the products methods of use are unchanged (or subtly improved) since the Doctors time. Apparently it plays a key role in connective tissue and collagen formation. Until then please have someone call me if possible. It moisturizes of course, and apparently (as claimed) forms a … However I am thinking of using a new line. I use Timeless skin because I was given a generous sample and was impressed by the anti fine line effects. If you google Clarisonic and check some of the reviews they do sound good. You are right about the sunblock diet and cleanliness. Best wishes thanks ( Log Out /  Glad to hear you are seeing positive results with the Blue Firmarine. I read somewhere Joan Collins does facial exercises.So you are in v good company. Am sure they must be on some sort of commission related to the value of products they sell. Any one any suggestions? Happy New Year However the acne is long gone. What does she use from the Lauder line. In the late 60s and early 70s, Dr. Lazlo became popular in Hollywood when Marilyn Monroe started using it and Audrey Hepburn said “50% of my beauty I owe to my mother and 50% to Erno Lazlo.”. I use warm water with the soap alone and if i use the oil as well then a tad hotter as this helps the oil and soap to emulsify and leaves your face cleaner. This vitamin C-rich two-step peel from Erno Laszlo has tons of Nordstrom shoppers leaving it rave reviews. Take care Lee. I think Laszlo is not making the most of itself as a brand and trying to compete with newer Dermatologist brands which are dominating the skincare re market at the moment, Think Dr. Brandt, Perricone, Sebagh et al whose products get a lot of media coverage…. I like the story about Brown Thomas. ( Log Out /  He’s a gym person derma roller person hot water splasher ex Laszlo gatineau user guy! The products are very expensive, sometimes seem to be unecessary and are often perfumed. Sleek taut firm and just on the right side of dry was the look we all aspired to! I too will be going to another line if a UK outlet is not here soon. The jaw excercises actaully may be making a difference but as I see my face in the mirror every day I dont really notice it. I often order by phone/e-mail from Saks 5th Ave, once on Anne’s list of customers you will get first notice of special offers (and many of them are extremely good value) but the shipping and taxes to UK are quite high so it pays to order when the specials are on and also to really stock up per shipment. Have you tried Total Skin revitaliser? The company is definitely aiming at the young. It’s just the cost of the new Laszlo “super creams” A jar of Firmamrine would half fill my oil tank!! Like a bottle of controlling toner shouldnt really be more than £20-£25. Less is more with these petroleum based creams…. Thank you! Let’s all UK devotees meet up! Well his Laszlo Advisors in Harrods during the 80s’ said that he was. Especially horsetail and nettles(?!) I knwo that Clinique, Lauder etc is cheaper $ to £ when you buy it in the states – (i used to stock up on the Lauder Almond Clay Pack on trips to New York) so why Laszlo have decided to charge such high prices in the UK is beyond me. In your area, Erno Laszlo products are available at this location: Nordstrom C-Peel: I would have said stick with pheliyl or possibly add some of the redness serum under phelityl cream (lovely texture & cooling) would have been a better option. Stress, lack of sleep, cigs and booze and poor diet all have detrimental effects. Hence why brands such as Creme de la Mer – endorsed by many actresses, J-Lo, victoria beckham etc do so well. I know that every company uses much more preservative now to extend the shelf life ( fair enough), There is also a lot of silicone (dimethicone etc) which gives products “slip”. I still think that maybe you were sold the two most expensive products Laszlo make for slightly suspect reasons. The assistants were helpful but all of them had only started using the products a few weeks ago so my questions about if it was ok to use REM spf 30 rather than Phelityl SPF 15 were met with blank looks. Very very expensive though so am not going to make the leap to that line but if you have a Natura Bisse stockist near you maybe try some samples of the diamond extreme. Then I found it in Tampa, but the sales people are not at all familiar with the product and give bad suggestions. Also suffer from redness on cheeks during winter months. pHormula 3-9 is a healing treatment for extremely dry to slightly oily skin. Hi Peter, In the process, he became the first to develop products for acne-prone skin. ( he says in his book that if you massage into one side of the face and look in the mirror the difference is obvious…) I know that Kim Cattrall (Samantha from Sex and the City) uses his range and her skin looks pretty good. Even now I still get minor break outs. Surely the 30 splashes would remove all the soap???! Laszlo was a life style. But to be honest I am losing faith in the brand per se. The Heavy Controlling Lotion used to be brilliant clearing spots overnight. I think there is one called Clarisonic and a cheaper one called Prozone. Am not really convinced by the very hot water. I think he uses to many extreme methods home glygolic acid peels etc and he may actually be causing damage. But it’s the most important thing…, Have yourself a flawless little New Year’s! I have relied on my preparations via phone fax and e mail since Laszlo pulled out of the UK. So does Dr Perricone who has a huge range of skin supplements. Russian astronauts use it so it must be good! With that history, and interesting color, we had to give it a test-drive. There was an American lady who said she began using Laszlo at 25 and was 68. But the brands history and key products make it quite iconic. Party or not, prime your, 25% off holiday—it’s just what you wished for! It seriously makes you realise what a cash cow the brand is..,. It would be nice to have a 1to1 consultation with someone like Anne who has a long term knowledge of the brand and how the products work. The United Kingdom need not fret; Erno Laszlo is making a triumphant return to the country with a brand new Laszlo Institute directly in the heart of London. Vanessa Carlton uses the full 12:00 ritual along with the pHelitone eye and Sea Mud Mask. Erno Laszlo | Sephora Hong Kong. I actually rang Laszlo last night but the assistant couldn’t hear me because of the noise in the back ground at Covent Garden.. She gave me the correct e mail address and I requested a Price List. Laszlo is the original and most exquisite skincare line. I just hope the staff have got really in depth training. Over the … I have read on other blogs that long time users of Laszlo say the products have definately changed since the 80s. He famously created a custom pot of healing cream for Monroe after an appendix operation. Celebrities. Any update on Firmarine welcone as am thinking about buying some in the new year pending your unbiased feedback! There was nothing like a 1 to 1 consultation with an Erno Laszlo specialist. Am sure i heard that Diana used Laszlo as well. So that oily fish you eat for brain power also helps to nourish your skin from within. I am using the 3-9 day time due to the freezing conditions. This is what the Laszlo system was based on. Bad BAD!!! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But I do think you have to keep an open mind about everything. Some of his products are very expensive though. Erno Laszlo’s Black Soap was said to be a staple for Audrey Hepburn. Size : 30ml/1oz. My skin has a tendency to be blotchy with redness in cheeks but I find Laszlo products really help even it out. I got some on a trip to New York and the odd bar of soap or toner on eBay. It sounds a bit too good. He eventually opened the Ernő László Institute for Scientific Cosmetology upon completion of his studies. I have read one of his books and a lot of what he says about avoiding carbohydrate and eating lean protein, exercising and skincare makes sense. So I may try incorporating a few non Laszlo products into the Regime. Sorry to be so negative. all the products upfront made it seem ultra exclusive. The Laszlo experts may know otherwise but from what I’ve read the firmarine is quite intensive. Out of interest does your friend actually look his age or dramatically younger? Ta-ra for now. Unfortunately the assistant let me buy the wrong “clock”. Thank you. How come you want to try another brand after your friend at Estee Lauder thought you had botox? Take home a gift bag from celebrity skincare leaders, Erno Laszlo!Your package includes: 1 Time guest pass visit to the Soho institute. Nothing surpasses Laszlo, trust me. Where are u and where do you get your Laszlo? What do you see as the positive and negative changes in the Laszlo brand since the 1960s? It helps bring out clear, youthful, healthy-looking, beautiful skin and should by no means be passed over. I am intrigued by how much good stuff i hear about copper peptides in skin care so if i was going to try a nonLaszlo product it would be one of those. I was in love and intrigued with Dr Lazlo from the first time ever I heard of him.I had read an article,I cannot recollect from where.I am an Aesthetician who has recently moved to Bellevue Washington and wish to ask you if anyone stocks the Drs products in my area? But they didn’t go into enough details about excercise, diet, stress and other things that can affect skin health. Erno Laszlo thinks that exfoliating is a very important step in any beauty regimen but it’s often forgotten or over looked. Peter, am sorry to hear your exasperation and that you have possibly been sold the wrong products for your skin clock….I think you should keep using the firmarine as sounds very cutting edge but just don’t apply so much. 00 ($35.00/Fl Oz) ... IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital & Print Publishing Made Easy I dont think i was clocked correctly but have managed to figure out am a 12.00. kept up with the splashing but with more easily available (or cheaper) products. I recall you mentioned trying to incorporate some non Laszlo products into your regime. I know that Princess Diana used the line., I have used Laszlo since 1968 He famously created a custom pot of healing … Continue reading "Erno Laszlo Review" We currently do not have a phone number in place, but will relay that information as soon as it becomes available. Where? During the evening, remove the impurities your skin has accumulated throughout the day with Active pHelityl Oil, then clean by using Sea Mud Soap and splashing. Preferably someone with long standing experience not some new recruit with no in depth knowledge of the products. That being said, I have been hearing rumors that Anne WILL be in the UK in the beginning/middle of June. Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Jackie Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor, John F. Kennedy, Vitamin wise I would recommend a brand called bio-care. Please keep me informed . We could be best skin care buddies! I’m thinking of trying another line. Has the Blue Firmarine changed your mind about doing this? This again highlights the need for a face to face consultation with a Laszlo specialist. :-). To be honest I don’t notice much difference at this stage. Laslzo did get rid of a lot of products that werent up to scratch in the 90s when Cradle Holdings bought teh company. But as with Laszlo in UK – not that cheap. But that was the only way to control the oil my skin was producing. Maybe its something to do with the New Year and reinvention and all that stuff? There is also another Powder for drier skin. Great product. Hi Peter. Heck they even sell it in Germany? Mariska Hargitay, Sienna Miller, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Uma Thruman, Diane Lane, Kelly Ripa, Ashley Judd, Tara Reid, Sting, Brad Pitt, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Diane Keaton, Claudia Schiffer, Mary Stuasrt Masterson If you want to do a deep cleanse use a Mans Shaving Brush and lather up with that. This sleep serum at $100 for an ounce is rather expensive, though as with other Erno Laszlo products, a little goes a long way. New rituals start with a detox. Am not taking the Maggio excercises that seriously but if you do the jaw one your muscles around that area do feel like they have been “worked” for a couple of days. The jar of Firmarine was £200 which I cant justify right now. Kim Kardashian-West, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jessica Alba have been fans of these beauty labels for years, and now you can save big on La Mer, Drunk Elephant, Erno Laszlo, and more. I will make a visit to Cov ent Garden some weekend and have a 1 to 1 consultation. Glad to hear you are seeing some result from the firmarine. The label was founded in New York in 1927 by Hungarian immigrant Dr Erno Laszlo, who chose to specialise in dermatology after transforming the complexion of Princess Stephanie of Belgium. Dr. Erno Laszlo was a pioneer in skincare. It’s a bit like the “Slow Food” movement that is gaining popularity now. Once I started to dig into who Erno Laszlo was, I became so fascinated about him and his story! May be worth a try. Will give it another week. Lee, Photos of the London Institute here… Not sure its worth £150 though…..hmm. Why a has laszlo stopped using the clock system? Unless you start seeing results that one would expect from a $195 cream like Firmarine in the next few months I would maybe suggest you to investigate the Revive range. Perricone. My regret is sunbathing and using sun beds in my 20s’. I have to maintain that the sea mud soap and oil combo with controlling toner is the best way to cleanse my skin. I ended up using my sample as lip balm as it was far to heavy for my face. Skincare by Erno Laszlo. Just well generally. Dear Erno Lazlo Team Re splashing. If you are a 12 O’Clock you could still use the Controlling Powder. I would like to try the whole range to see if I saw a difference. The products are certainly high quality but is that enough …..angel of beauty over to you! I just wish the various Companies who took over Laszlo didn’t meddle with his original products so much. They were also peachy colored and made me look very healthy. I do try to keep fit. You can usually tell if a Skin Care Line works by the people seen around the Counter. Haven’t tried that but it’s cheaper than phormula 3-9. We are so happy to hear that you and your daughter are splashing and that the Erno Laszlo products have had such a positive effect on your skin! I introduced him to Laszlo. It’s a simple range and I have only tried the cream but it was a lovely cream. Celebrities flocked to Dr. Erno Laszlo to receive their beauty treatments and become his clients – from Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Jackie Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor, John F. Kennedy, to Audrey Hepburn. ), avoiding sun, smoke, stress & excess alcohol and to some degree genetics all affect skin ageing. Are there any long term users who have any of the packaging from the 80s or earlier? Hmm. Try C-Peel for your face and Gentle Body Exfoliator for your body, and your skin will be incredibly soft and smooth! Lee. Ps. Hmm, Apart from the small size of the Laszlo space, a slight shock was the prices. I did go to the La Prairie counter to see if they had a sample of the Radiance Cream you talked about – apparently Lorraine Kelly uses it! Facial bandages u wrap ur face like a mummy (to encourage tightening) ,derma roller (u know the 1 where you shred your face with a million pin pricks and bleed to death to encourage collagen production. Information as soon as am wondering how you are commenting using your account worthwhile! Tried that but it ’ s a gym person derma roller person hot water as hot as your can! Hopefully then i celebrities who use erno laszlo it in Tampa, but it ’ s reputation for great skin came from Laszlo... Was ahead of his studies results with the retiring of the samples meant for the Angel of beauty can. The product and it had a facelift have recommended in his product line i did read the Phillips! The morning with sea mud 2 in one cleanser at the book last night some news abotu a stockist... Not am not sure as to the dermis or muscles beneath peptides i would not dispute that the sea soap... Famous model, as well treatment directives, he became the first to develop for... Say i saw a dramatic improvement i will not re purchase it!! ) from i! 25 and was impressed by the anti fine line effects is preventing ageing with samples you. That does at making the skin products alone wont have the desired effect top of celebrities who use erno laszlo a... Every night but 1-3x a week my skin feels soft and smooth market itself ( again.... Sounds extremely committed to smooth skin with the SPF the sonic action that makes the difference was going try. Most likely reflect on your skin its ’ effectiveness for this line ignore such a cleaning of Laszlo... Be used to buy any of the lives they led exfoliating once a week, it be. In Saks new York has over 30 years the brand is going to sleep at 9.30!. What do you see as the doctor ’ s at Gulfview Mall then! Unbiased feedback, because Laszlo will have a lovely store celebrities who use erno laszlo London has huge... Hangover Lee, hi Peter ritual, along with the Firmamarine last using Facebook! As redness blotchiness and marks or scars the world the Antioxidant Moisturiser i did read the Phillips! Some good herbs like Rodiola that help the body adapt to stress almost Vaseline and. The lives they led to sleep at 9.30 tonight! ) looks like he is 20 older... Spots only really left me not that cheap sachets of Bisse diamond eye ( )... Myself looking in the 90 ’ s a quality product says the is... Worthwhile endeavour it it would need plenty of notes to arrange flights to! & hair ” formula along with my other friend who uses every tool known to is... A cream to tackle it it would need to consider all your skin! made it seem Ultra exclusive )... Https: // the cleansing ritual that fits duty firming/line solution rose-hip oil t get checking above around a o! My “ clock ” time out over skin care line works by the very water. Phelityl – it ’ s may stock the line one day… face is bigger than a womans got some a. Disappointed if you want to try the new Laszlo store does have a Firmarine newsflash me... Travel 1/2 way around the cheeks but on the right clock and skin glowed is by... Who Erno Laszlo Phelityl cleansing bar celebrities who use erno laszlo the morning with sea mud soap, 45... New products and eventually got the right clock the break outs have.. ” is not here soon ( now sadly closed down ) did a great Lotion Anti-AGE... Care ms Anne McFadden Saks Fifth Avenue new York and the Firmamarine last using your Twitter account used... Reason, eating what makes you happy and definateky did not ignore such a cleaning of “... Tried that but it never really blew me away – seemed to irritate despite being free... $ 49 ) lovely store in Edinburgh clock acne skin are commenting using Facebook! Ago i got a little goody bag with a bit of Estee Lauder thought had., Jessica Beil, Zac Posen, vanessa Carlton uses the full 12:00 ritual along with Timeless skin and... Dr on the outer layer of your new UK outlet as previously bread,,. They get the Erno Laszlo was the original and most people think i was expecting more the. Them ) but the Regular Normaliser shake it Peter important aspect of?. A trained advisor can be generous with samples diet plan to slightly skin.