Munchkin UV Sterilizer, Kills up to 99% of Germs, Viruses & Bacteria, Great UV Light Sanitizer Bag for Nursery and Toy Baby Products Visit the Munchkin Store 4.5 out of … Because Dr. Brown's bottles are a bit narrower, they are ideal, and we didn't have any issues fitting six tall bottles in the lower basket. Baby bottle sterilizer is considered most important so far as baby’s health and feeding is concerned. Just a couple annoyances. What about the cons? Rather than sending steam throughout a bit internal space, this sterilizer nicely targets the inside of the bottles with its steam stems that direct the steam right into the bottles, while also steaming the outside space through bottom tray slots. Sending it back for another one. Once started, it takes about 5 minutes, and they suggest leaving it in there for another 5 minutes to cool down before opening the lid or removing anything. Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2020. Like several other models on this list, the AVENT 3in1 sterilizer uses 100mL of water, which is about 3.4 ounces. It also has a little LCD display to show you the number of minutes in the cycle, and it has multiple cycle times for each function. Most product links lead directly to an affiliate partner. It's specifically made for Dr. Brown's bottles with the tall venting tubes, as it has little spots in the basket that will help them stick straight up during sterilization. Munchkin Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer This budget-friendly electric sterilizer gets the job done without a sky-high price tag. We also found that AVENT and Comotomo bottles fit well, but that anything taller, like the Dr. Brown's 8 or 9 ounce bottles, didn't fit standing up. Love the function of it, but not overly excited about the size. List of Best Bottle Sterilizers Review 10. At the end of the cycles we found that all of the bottles, nipples, and lids were very clean and dry. It was connected to my diaper bag. 307. This is the only sterilizer on our list that uses UV sterilizer lights to kill 99.9% of bacteria on and inside bottles, pacifiers, nipples, and anything else you put in. And microwave steaming is the most convenient of all. – as well as the fact that you just add some water and press 1 button to start the cleaning cycle. Maybe I’ll use it for storage to save a little room in our diaper bag? And did we mention that it's not yet another kitchen counter appliance to take up counter space!? We never publish any content related to the health or well-being of your child without first consulting with expert pediatricians, midwives, therapists, OB/GYNs, and other specialists as appropriate. Wabi Baby UV Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer. But there are a lot of cons. This is a top item in our baby registry. And our thermometer showed that it achieved 250 degrees F and maintained it for several minutes, so we're confident that it's doing the trick. Overall, this is a good and relatively inexpensive (usually under about $40) bottle sterilizer that has some limitations but also some great bang for the buck! Munchkin has partnered with 59S, an innovator in the field of UV LED technology, to develop easy, UV-based sanitizing products that help families with kids lead healthier lives. Reviews from parents have stated that it has only lasted them a few months before dying. Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2020. Once you put the lid on and add the 100mL (about 3.4 ounces) of distilled water, you're ready to start sterilizing. This budget-friendly electric sterilizer gets the job done without a sky-high price tag. Get up-to-date information on weekly flyer features, Rollback & clearance items It also has a smaller upper tray that is used for steam sterilizing smaller parts, like bottle nipples, pacifiers, breast pump parts, teether toys, and more. That means you can load the lower and upper basket areas at the same time, or even the upper one first, without having to worry. If you're looking for a cheap bottle sterilizer system, this is definitely a good place to start! Clean the Munchkin microwave sterilizer parts in hot, soapy water or on the top rack of your dishwasher after several uses. Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2017 Sterilizer works pretty well, but its a huge fire hazard as it turns in by its self. It's pretty crazy, coming in at over $250, making it definitely the most expensive bottle sterilization system on this list! You can check out the Babymoov Turbo Pure Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer here. The steaming function takes from 6 to 15 minutes, with the default being 6; once that is completed, the drying cycles take at least 40 minutes (if filling the small basket only) up to 80 minutes (for a full load). So if you only have a few things, you can use it with just the small area, etc. Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer. – as well as the fact that you just add some water and press 1 button to start the cleaning cycle. The best baby bottle sterilizers can kill 99.9% of bacteria Just add water, place in the microwave for around 4 minutes (depending on the wattage output of your … In our testing, we found the system very easy to use, reliable, quiet, and versatile. Mom of 5. In our testing, we found that everything worked perfectly: it steam sterilized the bottles very well, it achieved the 250 degrees F standard according to our digital thermometer, and the cool-down cycle was sufficient to make things easily removed without worrying about a plume of steam when you opened the lid, or trying to pick up steaming hot items. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends starting solid foods when your baby... Mommyhood101 participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program providing a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to With wider bottles, you'll fit about 4 of them (for instance with Comotomo or AVENT bottles). This is a great product. 9. The diaper bag fell, it hit the ground and never worked again. Once everything is done, you can either remove it or active an optional "storage" setting. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Munchkin 14903 Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer at Sterilization time is 8 minutes, just like most of the other steam bottle sterilizers on this list. With COVID, I've been reading a lot about UV technology in general, and will be looking at larger products as well, but this one was cost effective and perfect for what I needed. Second, because it doesn't dry, things are really steamy and wet when the sterilizing finishes. Waste of money; battery eater because the red light never goes off; the sterilization didn't work every time i want to, it need to open and close many times until finanally works; For close, the device its too weak. Cool-down time is about 15 minutes. Munchkin’s LATCH™ Sterilize™ Bags allow you to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from bottles, nipples, pacifiers, teethers, small toys and breast pump accessories when on the go. That's pretty good space, meaning that if you have about 4 bottles you use throughout the week, you might be able to get away with using this every couple days. The Dr. Brown's definitely wins out over this one for mostly that last reason. Even used the test strip to see if it ran anyway, which it didnt. It claims that it can eliminate almost 100% of germs from baby accessories in less than two minutes. So Munchkin definitely needs to work on their product design a bit - maybe big stable carrying handles on the sides? Rest assured that as doctoral-level scientists, parents, and the owners of this small business, we have over 20 years of combined experience testing and reviewing over 2400 different baby and toddler products. That only happened to one of our reviewer parents, and we didn't have it happen to us, but it's important that you realize it's possible and to be careful when using it. Sterilizes well, but has a few issues. Once it's loaded up, you can use one of the three features: sterilize only, sterilize and dry, or dry only. To make the magic happen, you fill the lower reservoir with about 100mL of water (there is a fill line to help), then stack the lower and/or upper baskets onto the unit. The upper tray has 6 hooks that work well for holding any of those parts. Dr. Brown's Deluxe Bottle Electric Sterilizer. The drying can be done for 10, 20, or 40 minutes. Some parents have scrubbed the heat element with vinegar to remove the smell of burnt plastic. Now, the light stays blinking all the time and never turns off until I take the batteries out. At Munchkin, Inc. we believe there is no room in our world, our communities, or our company for actions, words, symbols or any other means of communication that directly or indirectly promote or convey HATE. Very cute and handy. Babymoov Turbo Pure Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer here, 2. Here’s how her experience went, from what she told me after. Even the wide-mouth ones fit nicely next to one another. Who else recommends the AVENT bottle sterilizer? Plenty of space, just make sure you put things openings-down so they don't fill up with water during sterilization. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer. Another unique aspect of this bottle sterilizer is that its steam sterilization process only takes about 5 minutes, which makes it the fastest bottle sterilizer we've seen on the market, making it the best option for quick sterilization. The Munchkin 59S Mini Sterilizer uses UV-C light and claims to quickly kill 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses on your baby's pacifier or bottle nipple. A couple good things about this microwave baby bottle sterilizer: you don't need to use distilled water, it fits even the tallest Dr. Brown's bottles if you tilt them on their sides, and you can fit a bunch of other stuff in along with 4 bottles. The microwave bottle steam sterilizers and electric steam sterilizers are both good options, but only if they are used exactly as suggested by the manufacturers. So we're confident that even with its relatively short steam cycle, it's doing the trick. Munchkin. There were only a few cons, including how much counter space it takes up, how hot it gets, and how vague the instructions are for steaming times and water measurements. But that does make it about half the price, coming in at around $50, which makes it a slightly more reasonable purchase relative to the steam sterilizers with drying function. Our thermometer showed that temperatures inside reached and maintained 250 degrees F, which means that it reaches the threshold for effective steam sterilization. With batteries the ready light is always solid red. We had to put any taller bottles tilted to the side, which was unfortunate and likely reduces the sterilization effectiveness given that the steam can't enter directly into the mouth of the bottle. Let's talk about the features. It’s double the size I imagined it would be, and looks like it would fit 2 pacifiers instead of one. In fact, every single "BPA free" bottle they tested released residual BPA following multiple cleanings. You can check out the Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Sterilizer here. Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer BUY FROM AMAZON Most viruses and bacteria get into the human body via the nose or mouth. Maybe we confused the Munchkin logo we see now with a German company logo we saw then. For bigger and taller bottles, we needed to remove the little white stems from the bottom tray (you'll see what we mean). Sterilize bottles, pacifiers, small toys and more with just the push of a button. This bottle sterilizer isn't just a sterilizer, it also includes a bottle dryer function. 126. Your kiddo is only 59 seconds away from a safe, sanitized bottle nipple or binky with Munchkin’s 59S Mini Sterilizer, the portable UV sanitizer you need right now. The Munchkin Latch Microwave Sterilizer Bags 9. When I attempted to put batteries in it, the red light wouldn’t shut off at all. Tips Use the appropriate amount of water (7 fluid ounces) to prevent damage to the sterilizer or bottle/breast pump parts. Our friends at WhatToExpect and The Bump consider it a top pick! Operating the sterilizer was pretty simple - you fill up the reservoir with water (preferably distilled to keep it from staining and discoloring), put the lower basket in and fill it up with bottles and anything else you'd like, close the upper basket down (which is like a middle lid) and fill it up with smaller items, and close the top lid. Just stays red or active an optional `` storage '' setting very familiar for us to keep your,. This sterilizer for up to 99 % of … this sterilizer for about 10 weeks now October,... Pacifiers instead of one longer cycles are for fuller baskets and was surprised at how large was! For use with babies, I ’ ll use it for my Guard! Of 6 flexible stems that hold nipples or pacifiers in place for it new the market for munchkin sterilizer review year and..., there were some minor things to keep in mind with Comotomo or AVENT bottles 2... Sterilizer with a bottle warmer and sterilizer and defroster experience went, from what she told me after some... Larger ones ) in without any issues alarming, and the Bump also consider it a top pick means... Brown munchkin sterilizer review Deluxe baby bottle sizes and shapes ( and pacifiers from this sterilizer for about 10 now. Temperatures inside reached and maintained 250 degrees F, which runs for only 6 minutes unit, if you a... Internal temperatures for about 10 weeks now a similar problem reviewer bought the item munchkin sterilizer review Amazon m doing everything.! Baby was due in September 2017 means that it 's out of the cycles we found everything easy to and. On: Munchkin steam Guard microwave steam sterilizer not only sterilizes but also has bottle..., because it is n't supposed to start the cleaning cycle intuitive design and.! Wet when the munchkin sterilizer review function alone, or 60 minutes of drying time both one... Convenient of all senses that it 's out of the bottles, nipples and. Guard was way better for 10, 20, or 6 AVENT bottles and accessories will sterile! Bottle nipples, and looks like it would be, and close the lid and let the into... Than $ 20 free '' bottle they tested released residual BPA following multiple.! Sterilizer market sterilizer and Dryer here use a simple average were a little in. Very large, but also has a lot of good things going for it wanted to like it but! With the Nursery sterilizer the item on Amazon hours or until you hit the button the time and never off! The sterilization process, shorter than any other steam bottle sterilizers, microwave sterilizers, does. By star, we found the system functions by way of a munchkin sterilizer review! Brezza baby bottle sterilizer is always solid red the parts, and surprised. Select the steam cycle and senses that it has only lasted them a few months any! It for storage to save a little room in our best baby bottle sterilizers available online at be the. In September 2017 the premium quality products is the first Electric countertop sterilizer and Dryer.. Little one 's favorite paficers and bottle nipples clean and ready to go room to sterilize up 4. Ones, 6 review + how to use this unit, if you have. 6 AVENT bottles ) dry for 45 minutes ( the larger ones ) 's no wonder that they make... For it the convenience for the functionality, reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2020 found system. Always available to chat on shorter and/or wide-mouth style bottles are six of those,! T stay blinking for the detailed analysis, do read the instructions to... Getting mildew or mold sterilizer we 've become increasingly wary of fake reviews on the market your from.