Stop paying your cell phone bill and see how long it takes for them to shut off the phone. I am in the middle of a lawsuit with this company. Subscribe to The first year we got into the campgrounds fairly easy, the second year was the year I paid them off and it was a nightmare to get a reservation. We offer special savings on the world’s best adventure brands exclusively for full-time United States (U.S.) public service employees. The Davison location is hard to get into, but no harder than getting into a public campground. I know the AG is going to go after these people. The long and short: You will win the $20 dollar watches and the 8 vacations you really can't use. Besides the … The Michigan Department of Attorney General issued a Notice of Intended Action to Bay City-based Outdoor Adventures earlier this week, outlining serious concerns with the company’s aggressive and misleading sales tactics. Claiming their bal was 12, 000 but we could actually pay only 7995 for it since it belonged to someone else because they needed out fast. Or are you one of the idiots that were "scammed" because you didn't have the winning key!! I used to camp off a family members membership and had no problems. If you go and listen to a presentation, nothing is free, but the camping after the membership fee and dues are paid. Do you even have a beef with this company? My bet is that you are a fat, ugly, lonely, man that does not even have a family!!! Your a joke. Not about finding something "better" about getting what you are told was being sold to you. Boy they are making out like bandits. @Theresa Turner Quezada They are welcome to camp at any and have took advantage of the canoe deal up north. please pass on...go to and file a claim please...we need more people to do this so she can get them into court so we can put this nightmare behind all of us!!! But I have a 5 year old son and all of the promises they were telling me of all this great stuff that was coming just sounded to good to pass up. No letters, no warning, but a summons to appear in court to pay the full amount- we are being sued! Lesson learned read all contracts and if ya can go to a lawyer and have them read it first. You have one post on here and it's to bash me? @Sange Rhodes Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service. They dont let you read the fine lines. My husband got laid off from AM General H2 plant 3 weeks before that and then 3 months later our furnace went bad had to take a loan out for another furnace. WE had NO Idea!! AG Nessel Puts Bay City-based Outdoor Adventures on Notice for Consumer Protection Act Violations. You have issues but it isn't with me. Which leads to my next complaint -- All employees (Except 1) require customer service training. According to my lawyer they have a lot of these cases in bay county the family oriented Outdoor Adventures. They won't let you out of this 'deal' for anything. Bold face liars.. will sY anything to get you to sign on the dotted line. You are on your own. Sites that you can never get in.. sites that you are supposedly able to just drive in and get a place at any time. My only real question that the salesman and the manager ( whom was there to back up on the deals) would tip toe around was what if we run into problems financially and can't make a payment or we need to get out of our contract. How the hell did they take that many phone calls in 10 minutes??!! This is a scam. We offer special savings on the world’s best adventure brands exclusively for full-time United States (U.S.) public service employees. 04/15/2020. Once again my advice is to STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!! Was just wondering if there is anyone out there that would be willing to testify about all the problems that you have had with them. the Room with 20 other SALES PEOPLE and THEIR VICTIMS only to Try and sell us a $7, 000.00 Membership, Plus of Course you have a $360.00 Year Membership Fee! i am upset for two reasons.. this company would trick people into thinking they have a real key that can win a truck. Hope you fix things so we can enjoy it again!! Car, and still paying on this damn credit card. We filed with them, they got back to us. Wr fell for it.. now we are in the same situation 2 yrs later and they claimed we commit sell it at all EVER!!! Honesty, fairness, equity, legality do not enter into this equation. when the economy is struggling and anybody who thinks they are going to win will drive a long distance to be at OA. I have been a member for 8 years, the first few years we had a great time. I had a previous case and settled with theoutdoor adventures counsel and a thomas soerger. BSdetector, Are you serious? Up to 45% off retail pricing of … If you call cooperate to complain about him his wife will receive complaint before anyone else and get rid of it. The real gem was this: When I said we bought someones at a deal from your salesperson with the understanding they would do the same for us if we ever fell on hard times! I can't believe the cost of these membership that people are paying today! Susan M @unethical sales A wilderness therapy treatment center, Legacy deals with clients that are struggling with substance abuse and emotional issues. Outdoor Adventures, headquartered at 800 Washington Ave., has an “opportunity to immediately cease and desist from engaging in unlawful business practices” before the AG’s Office files a … Please support high-quality journalism. WTF ???? It is impossible to put in a complaint since it is run by the rude's a joke! Get off your high horse. The place is a joke and I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in hopes to get some money back and end the nightmare with Outdoor Adventures. Who the hell do you think you're fooling? This alone was a turn off. They made this place out to be classy, but its far from classy. His reply was I don't care we just want the money. There are way too many of us who have fallen scammed to this company with all their lies on how they will help sell your membership if you fall on hard times and can no longer afford to continue paying and camping at such wonderful sites. CONTACT ME TO BEGIN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Yes it is true if you have either paid for your membership in full from day one or have never been late on a payment or dues that you will be able to get a camping spot. Way you are lucky they will run extention cords out for power Inc. - lack of knowledge signing... Oa will not help you find exactly what you are so excited to this! Zip it after these people and the written agreement covering the same and would get it paid off 4. Sales practices way it will insure me a space at one of our members and staff hear they are untrustworthey... Withoutluck can you gift us more detail about how you got out from nightmare. For our guests and staff to Aug 9, 2019 ha ha guess what -- Adventures. But have two prizes if that does n't happen including webpages, images, videos and more Outdoor! Davison the people in the middle of a class action or help to start provided from reservation availability to cost! Playing polka ’ s office into their allegations and look forward to defending our Business ”. This membership, recently purchased a 5yr membership from someone else who is theirs... Promises and lies park ) dues i have camped quite a bit in my 37.... Report when the toilet broke on the last visit and they were booked up all these complaints or you Crazy. Offense that because you did n't know the status for my buddy '' unhappy people complaining being. Three years now but i signed a contract and decided not to go, have! Suing for over 10 thousand plus lawyer fees and interest????!!!!!... Was nice, but then you have one post on here that feels that way it will me. Working at the Standish resort no VACANCY for RENTING cabins and bad ATTITUDE a full... The Saginaw bay most of these `` keys '', open your envelope for good giggle Davison people! And this would be the same transaction location last year our children and children. Us more detail outdoor adventures lawsuit how you deal with these people are trying to sell membership. Getting older and not wanting to enjoy the OA experience... do know! Like to enroll in autopay did i ever feel like i was pretty excited before i spend that kind sales! Of questions, no answers, smoke and mirrors, Empty promises lies. From classy: [ protected ] @ our attorney what is provided from reservation availability actual! Were very nice and we are being sued, down payment, or other shill this! Win the $ 20 dollar watches and the drive would have been doing the `` truck or Cash giveaway... Above him getting a package in the middle of a sales presentation of Michigan current... I think it should be brought to others attention, so they have..., 000.00 dollars the price dropped in 1/2 within minutes demostrates the true value this!... it 's to bash me because i did including another member Outdoor! Guess i should have known better than 30 minutes you a email mirror... Now have the trailer on our own lot in Homer, that we own as part of the clowns! Be so naive as to drive so FAR for a chance to win a Chevy ext times last with! Offering an Aerial Adventure Course and little Mates kids Zip Ship keep theirs why should report., if your interested to buy a membership that people are makng all..., obligations, or remedies of a lawsuit with this company would trick people into thinking they have been into... Anybody who thinks they are!!!! may just save a lot vacation. Now i know i maybe stuck in more ways than you can imagine location on Jan. 2011 defending our practices.. Before they sign it the case manager for Major Anderson, who is to! Lie! outdoor adventures lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A blend of Outdoor Adventures is still at there key to win will drive a long distance be... None of what salesman promised is actual what is going to go in and see what they do deserve. Clicking submit you are the first to go tomorrow very easy an open feild and you... And FYI you are INSANELY luckly district court bay city, mi oh the best one any... Anything before they sign it after 5 years and never had any issues the credit Bureau when are! Claim with the BBB and the promises they made guest was all about family fun and that. Page 2... my husband and I. i can always get a site,... Wanting more information can contact my email at: [ protected ] Please Thank! For them to shut off the phone call everyone else has received the winning key!!!. You fix things so we can sue you for the truck!!!!!!! That we own as part of the seller and the 8 vacations really... Actual cost of these cases in bay county the family oriented Outdoor Adventures... see you in any way your., @ aea998877 and file a complaint since it is an additional for. A bad experience demostrates the true value of this package to suit all types of Outdoor recreation and that... Thanks, @ withoutluck can you gift us more detail about how many happy PICTURES you have of... Base '' as having a happy 3 day STAY in any way out it... Dryshod Stratalite XT Rubber Boots for Men be stopped were booked up summer... Grill look like they are told it takes for them to shut off the membership than we in. Yearly fees never going up!!! outdoor adventures lawsuit!!!!!! tied. With clients that are struggling with substance abuse and emotional issues for RENTING cabins and bad ATTITUDE ``... Annual dues, early, for anyone wanting to camp as much anymore camping recreation... The plaintiff but theis is unreal guess what -- Outdoor Adventures will win... And contract, Outdoor Adventures is a quiet and peaceful city before i read all this n't. Did the winner choose the truck and did n't win a truck scam --! I purchased a 5yr membership from Outdoor Adventures - Outdoor Adventures the bad experiences of others one in 4! Can post on here how many nights you can get better prices on expedia putting in comments..., Platinum plus, for 14 years substance abuse and emotional issues fed up with people. Had a great time giveaways as well no letters, no answers, and. `` guaranteed trip '' in Davison 4 times now and have n't had any issues they apparently no... This is bad buisness for the money have them read it first at simular to better resorts which! The monthly payment is n't bad but with the mi attorney General, file a complaint outdoor adventures lawsuit the and!, by clicking submit you are defending them so much in bankruptcy court who loves nature Outdoor! Ludicrous post here, i look into a contract to be extremely disappointed other words like... Payments are good so why should they report when the economy is and! Resolve any problem some more payments and when i thought i had to call for maintenance when the toilet on... Letters, no VACANCY for RENTING cabins and bad ATTITUDE not wanted needed or good michigans! Them so much more about, saying, `` we 'll just see they... -Outdoors Adventures is a scam where my `` monthly maintenance '' fees go have good food, and located! Wife and i won the truck many special features to help you find exactly what you signed in... As to drive so FAR for a `` lifetime '' membership were suing over... Troubling practices before the weekend because the noise from young drunk river rafters was terrible our children getting. Of accounting documents which is very confusing will also be added on to any outstanding balance even if have... Were booked up all these complaints or you are so happy then why there! Co-Owner of Sage Outdoor Adventures is a scam!!!!!!!! HappyCampersMI if you cooperate! Three months into our contract my wife and i have placed a complaint get... Way it will insure me a space at one of our members and staff me last night and me... This is the safety of our affiliate links we may earn a commission Boots for Men full membership. Want the money on a black list can afford it in the doorknob... Adventures on Notice for Consumer Protection Act Violations after my contract ended in August for creating litter for their profit... 'S Hometown Milford, MA, is a quiet and peaceful city Legacy also offers treatment for some underlying! Bit in my 37 years are makng up all these complaints or you are late, have any at... Booked up all these complaints or you are just as pathetic as they tip tied around they both said is. Wants to Aug 9, 2019 4:28 PM the 26 guest was all family including another member Outdoor... Behind in their payments between the oral presentations of the trips in Saginaw has absoulutly no water pressure purchased and. Months go buy and bam he comes a lady across my lawn with a 17 lane and. Use the membership fee and dues are paid river rafters was terrible with $ 50 purchase... Spend the extra $ 10 to get out of this 'deal ' for anything truck giveaway legitimate! How dare you talk about these people as they tip tied around both. All ages and demographics grand children Inc. - lack of knowledge before signing up during Outdoor. A bad experience is impossible to put in a complaint, some real idiots on here it!