If you aren't lacking in critical hit, this hat provides a ton of bonuses based on the refine of the hat : +10% damage against against wind, water, earth and neutral monsters at +7, +15% damage against small and large monsters at +9. While it won't be able to outperform the Claw Sword, it might be a good budget contender against the other weapons if enchanted. Including an non-exhaustive list of : +25% critical dmg, chance to proc +20% DMG to all sizes for a duration, and +7 crit ! Good overall armor, it will take advantage of your INT in case you leveled it up a bit because it autocasts Heal and Storm Gust lvl 10 when you physically attack. Released after 17.1, this instance's most interesting piece of gear is an accessory that can be only used on one slot, which is the insignia. In PvM there are 2 other effects otherwise not available, which are a 10% reflect damage and a 10% chance to be able to reflect magic attacks for a few seconds. The +10 MDEF is really neat and if you get a pair of Temporal Boots (any of the boots, even the basic ones should work), you'll also get a +15% HP and +5% SP set bonus. Also, don't forget that you can use Battle Manuals to get a big increase on Eden board quests and Gramps quests. A Str Vit Dex Spear Knight [size=2]This build is for all the purpose that you would need in RO world - It can level up very fast with the help of spear skills and a suitable int + a moonlight dagger. It can be found for a cheap price in case it's full of random or not really good bonuses, or the price can skyrocket if it's a perfect one stat only GSS (DEX and INT GSSs are the most expensive ones). Quite the good cheap weapon for farming anything which isn't Shadow/Fire/Water. Hunter Fly Card allows you to regenerate health based on the damage you deal, at a low chance. Pulls Enemy Towards You. A more defensive choice compared to the LLSuit shown before, instead of getting +50 ATK at +7, you get a +100 DEF bonus. Look no further, Sonic Wave is here to fill that void in your heart ! Hundred Spear (Lv 3) Req. The combo of the 2 Buffalo cards will help improving your ASPD as well as getting a bit more damage with their great +7% ATK and +7 AGI. RK November 2019 rework update: Ignition Break and Sonic Wave will be able to crit, and Enchant Blade will get buffed, so don't miss out on these skills ! Here you'll learn how to become a master in the art of rune-crafting. Delay của skill cực thấp. It can also be. If you are getting knocked away by skills like Jupitel Thunder too often and you hate it, you might want to take a look at this shield. The third map of Gramps should be pretty fast as there is usually a level max doing the map for one of his characters or friends in the team. So this could be simply played like other skill-focused builds where you only focus on a single skill (which here is Spiral Pierce of course), but you may also level other 3rd class ranged skills like Sonic Wave, Hundred Spear and Dragon Breath. It's skill tree focuses on 2-handed swords, yet branches off into spears as well for Spear Dynamo and Clashing Spiral (which can be cast with 2Hand-Swords in Renewal). Currently the strongest hat for its refine bonuses and enchants, but also the hardest to get. Other Notes You'll also have a much better ASPD with it since it's a one-handed mace (the previous weapon is a two-handed spear). You get +5 ATK every 10 base STR points. A pretty nice middle budget hat that only works when used in pair with a Giant Snake Skin. You'll get +25% HP & SP with this set, along with a permanent movespeed bonus. This new best-in-slot hat allows us to get good bonuses such as critical rate, raw ATK and ATK%, while having an available card slot. I consider them training wheels that will allow you to get a 100% critical rate until you get the items required to have it. The reason why it's commonly used and refined to +7 is also because of the, This is a good budget armor you can get for offensive purposes, as you can get. This skill does a reduced version of Provoke on yourself; it gives a neat 32% ATK boost in exchange for a 55% decrease of your soft DEF; You can keep it always activated for instances/MvPs, since you don't have any DEF under Berserk anyway. A very budget choice compared to Sarah Earrings, that gives half the performance but allows you to put a card on the accessory. Stats for Rune Knight/ Lord Knight Strength- 500 Agility- 195 aspd. Truly great for skill-spamming builds. If you have a Rideword Hat and a Hunter Fly Card in your weapon you'll regenerate lots of HP quite often and never run out of SP too. I'd recommend joining AGH, Illusion of Luanda or Gramps 175+ teams, and. Its downsides are that big -15% ASPD penalty and the fact that it only has one slot. One of the best old weapons of pre-renewal for Spiral Pierce, still a viable budget choice today ! It's what you should go for once you've obtained everything else, and want more damage and ACD. If you don't need regen anymore (like for example in MH2), you should totally go for this hat, a +7 will do as we have no need for the +9 effect on this build. Consumes 25% of your HP to create a shield that protects you against damage (with the HPs consumed), and increase both your DEF and MDEF. Increases physical damage against all size enemies by 30%.