They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. AoE Builds Suicide build Home; Forum; Classes forum; Assist, Ringmaster, Billposter; 2 posts Display posts … DemonFlyFF Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The third Weapon is the Bloody Knuckle wich adds 20% HP, +100 DEF and +250 damage. Even as DD lv310 you can magic skill even magical aoe lv350 mobs. Recommended build: Keep in mind: DO NOT add any INT as it doesn't benefit 1v1 Billposters in any way! Some guides say that Refreshers and Skill Posters are part of the disadvantages. Discover Flyff FAQ Community. windowHref += '&'; ... Then you switch to AoE build, without a restat too may I add ^_~ (I'd advise reading the AoE part in the … And even if they belonged there, why? Their strength is too low, and so is their attack speed and hit rate. Skill Weapon Type Description Bonus Asmodeus Knuckles Buff Increases striking power. You can AoE fairly well for a few levels but after spider/cranes you will need an assist to help you take more mobs and to AoE well enough. } Uses all mana. Game rules Technical issues Bug report Contact Logout; Register; Tutorials. Flyff World > FlyFF Discussions > FlyFF Guides > Assist Guides: STR AOE Billposter (Version 11) User Name: Remember Me? ... #16 best Build Billposter FlyFF #15 Best Blade Build Up in FlyFF #14: FREE WebHost #13: Philippine Cellular Prefix #12: Call of Duty: Ghost #11: Omet the Swiming Pool Dancer #10 Cherry Mobile Latest … STA based Billposter bound the "aoe build" tanks(takes damage very well) and depends on the assists battle skills mainly the area attacking skill (aoe) burst crack where you "herd mobs" into a trap killing millions o_0 just a good amount consisting of 4-7 they have a good ton of STA and Strong STR uses food every so mob critical go here to fight gaints 1337 font-family: SQMarket-Medium; [FLYFF] #316 เทสสกิวชู(Asalraalaikum)บิวลง STR/INT ล้วน อันไหนแรงกว่ากัน - Duration: 1:49:35. Now since in this server everything is provided for you, In order to maximize your gameplay as a 1v1 BP You're gunna want CRIT! The Intelligence AoE Billposter is one of the three AoE Classes for a Billposter. Bgvur Tialbold, the Int-AoE skill, is the fastest casting AoE skill in the whole game. Second Class skills are normally reserved for use only with Primary Weapons. Rangers use a bow as their main weapon and they have a wide variety of bow skills available, from Area of Effect skills to 1 on 1 skills. 1v1 Billposter's Skills Stone Hand': Gives you a high chance to stun a target when maxed. Ringmasters are the primary supporting class in FlyFF. Game rules Technical issues Bug report Contact Home. Then check this post to get some hints to become a top-line billposter. Patience and Quick Step may also help. Discover Flyff FAQ Community. if (document.cookie.match(/(^|;)\s*is_mobile=1/)) { You want to become a Billposter? 2. var windowHref = window.location.href || ''; This build makes use of the high HP points given to Knights per Stamina. Menu. This Article is Complete!Please do not edit it unless otherwise! document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { Increased Attack Power (Knuckle)+1000 Stonehand Knuckles Single Skill All attacks gain the chance to stun. Forum Discord Help. ... Last post by Wursty, Sun Dec 20, 2020 7:55 pm. RECOMMENDED BUILD ‘Low STA’ AoE Build This is the build that a lot of people run with. The Int-AoE Billposter is a fun and fast way to level in FlyFF. Powered by A BillPoster (BP for short) is one of the eight third-job-classes in flyff, and one of the two third-job-class choices for the assist. I suggest using the INT AoE since it's faster than both the other AoEs. The main stat points for a Ranger are Dexterity (DEX) and Stamina (STA). ... Billposter: Force Master: Ringmaster: Seraph: Equipment. Get Started Cookie-Cutter Billposter Build (1on1 Billposter) Full Dex; This build is for Assists that will be becoming Billposters. This build somewhat lacks damage but is easily mitigated by getting good armor, highly upgraded Two-Handed Axe/Sword and Piercings. Billst Set: Level: 105: Billporon Set: Male Set Defense Female Set Billst Helmet: 287 - 289 Billporon Helmet: Billst Suit: 725 - 728 Billporon Suit: Billst Gauntlet Hello there. //-->. The AoE Billposters use three Sets and three Main Weapons. That means that if you wore a Sardine Set (lv15: 10% Attack Speed) and 2 Demol +12's and tried to kill a giant, it would take around 10 minutes to kill it. ... • Slow leveling compared to an AoE Billposter ... After a few seconds of running away (or in big circles), just attack the monster again. As a 1v1 Billposter, you will need a decent CritRate (at least 30%) and a good Adoch, too (at least 90%). Their main ability in FlyFF is to be able to buff themselves. Bgvur Tialbold, the Int-AoE skill, is the fastest casting AoE skill in the whole game. I will explain more later) ... - Asalraalaikum = Level 80 Billposter skill. document.write( } else { Forum Discord Help. Assist, Ringmaster, Billposter. Billposter bound Billposter Skills Battle assist to Billposter Base stats, what most builds have the least of at lvl 60 30-40 STR 30-40 STA 15-30 DEX 15-20 INT. N/A Blood Fist Knuckles Single Skill Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose health over time. •Builds and Swaps [Intro] The Asal FM aka. They are fighters and have a nice versability. They’re far better "    " + The first Set is Ales/Alext which adds 15% HP and the first weapon is the Guardian Knuckle which adds 15% HP and AtkSpeed. - Blade's skill, Berserk fixed - adjusted the bonuses and can be used with other skills now. N/A Bgvur Tialbold Knuckles … However, if one wishes to AoE, and not look at the PvP Aspect of FlyFF, it would be best to eithermlook at Elementors or Rangers. With an arsenal of helpful buffs and beneficial techniques that make the game a lot easier for other players, these characters are usually sought after by those of other classes as partners. For those who can't afford equips. Path: Assist - Billposter - ForceMaster Item Used: Knuckle Skill Poster Skills: [Skill … Weebly.footer.setupContainer('', '1608316647'); There are three kinds of AoE Billposters: STA: 100 (or more if you prefer to have more HP), STA: 100 (100 sta works the best, although if you prefer more HP you can add more). Another build can also be a (full) STA build, since Ringmasters are capable to AoE at higher lvls. } else { I believe that refreshers and skill posters shouldn't be part of the disadvatages part. They are like your pills or Star Candy, but they can be spammed and you don't have to wait to pop another one (refreshers). Weebly.footer.setupContainer('', '1608316647'); The main build that almost all str BP's use is. Most … A cookie cutter Billposter would be able to kill a giant in half the time. Level 9 Fire and Ice arrow. - Guardian and Historic Knuckle weapon effects changed slightly. Discover Flyff FAQ Community. Forum. Prevention: Is a Skill which recovers all your HP if it goes under 10% (must be using Stick). } AOE BP is better compare to 1v1 bp if you're focusing on leveling, however you still could choose 1v1 bp over aoe bp if you could kill the monster in a few hits. } Int-AoE Billposters however have few disadvantages. Classes forum. Piercing Serpent would be a good skill to use for Str-based AoE chars, though you need to align your mobs first; … Builds for a 1 versus 1 Billposter! Also, Int-AoE Billposter are extremely bad at gianting. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Burst Crack/Piercing Serpent: The STR AoE Skill. N/A Disarm Knuckles Debuff Blinds and Silences target for 6 seconds. There are two Strength based AoE skills and one Intelligence based AoE skill, which I will be talking about in this website/guide. Special Knuckly Mastery: Adds 150 Damage when maxed (Need to be Master!). Hey guys, I asked this question earlier today on the webzen forums, but nobody's answered yet so I figured I'd ask here too. STA: 40 DEX: 120 Recommended Skills: Max Perfect Block. > -1) { The first Set is Ales/Alext which adds 15% HP and the first weapon is the Guardian Knuckle which adds 15% HP and AtkSpeed. File:Billposter Sonichand.png Sonichand: Knuckles: 75 Piercing Serpent 7 Bgvur Tialbold 6 File:Normalskill.gif: ... Sonichand 7: File:Normalskill.gif: Selected Target only Fully concentrated strike. They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. The AoE Billposters use three Sets and three Main Weapons. A BillPoster is one of the second class you can choose when you get to level 60 as an Assist. font-style: normal; Asmodeus: Adds +120 damage when Maxed. - Billposter's skill, Asmodeus now gives an extra +10% Critical Chance. ___//Builds. Home; Q&A; Boards; ... Gon4-Level 86 Billposter (Lawolf) Cody24- Level 7X H&R Elementor (Lawolf) User Info: Purple_Mist. The second Set is Billporon/Billist which adds 15% HP, 15% DEF and 15% Blocking Rate, and the second Weapon is the Angel Glove which adds 15% HP and 20% HitRate. XXX STR; 80-200 STA; 15 DEX; 15 INT; or this way; 80-100 STR; XXX STA; 15 DEX; 15 INT //